Protection Relays

Since the release V 3.03.00 ATPDesigner also supports the use of Protection Relays.

  • Overcurrent Protection Relays
  • Distance Protection Relays
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage Protection
  • Fuse (low voltage and high voltage)
  • Differential Protection for Transformer and Line
  • IDMT Protection
  • Underimpedance Starting System
  • Ground Fault Detection for compensated and isolated power networks
  • Underimpedance Detection

Protection Relays in ATPDesigner using a Probe

ATPDesigner is also able to simulate the behavior of Protection Relays, which are implemented as generic models in ATPDesigner using MODELS. Using this generic protection relays, it is possible to simulate the real-time behavior and the interaction of several protection relays in parallel only by simulating the transients "on the desk". It is not required to use a "real" protection relay and a test system, but it is possible in addition.

  • Example 1: It can be seen that the Distance Protection at Probe P4 has been tripped at 0.469s and reclosed at 0.729s the assigned circuit-breaker.
  • Example 2: The diagram shows the phase currents in case of a short-circuit, the starting signal I> and the TRIP command.

Example 1: ATPDesigner and Distance Protection (Power Network)

Example 2: ATPDesigner and Distance Protection (Diagram)