ATPDesigner Change Documentation (German)

Download the ATPDesigner Change Documentation (German)
The change documentation describes the improvements of ATPDesigner in German related to the release information which can be seen in the Info about ... dialog.

ATPDesigner Release Information in the Info about ... dialog

Getting Started with ATPDesigner

Download ATPDesigner Tutorial (English)
The tutorial explains how to use ATPDesigner.

ATPDesigner Manual

ATPDesigner Tutorial (German Language)
Download ATPDesigner Handbuch (German)
The manual written in German can be downloaded as a .PDF-file. The manual also contains a tutorial "How to Use ATPDesigner".

ATPDesigner Protection Relaying Application Manual

Manual Protection Relaying Applications
Download Netzschutztechnik in ATPDesigner (German)
The manual written in German can be downloaded as a .PDF-file. The manual explains how to use ATPDesigner for Protection Relaying Applications.

Test Reports

Manual Protection Relaying Applications

Starting ATPDesigner and the ATP from a USB Stick

Setup ATPDesigner
Both ATPDesigner and ATP can be started from a 2G-Byte USB-Stick without an installation on a laptop or PC.

Read more how to run ATPDesigner and ATP from a USB-Stick (German)

Setup of the Trial Installation of ATPDesigner

Download the Setup of ATPDesigner Trial version
A setup can be downloaded to install the Trial Version of ATPDesigner. The trial version includes all features of ATPDesigner. But it is required to ask for a license key to execute ATPDesigner after its installation. Please contact the author of this web page in case of questions ot to get a time limited license key.

Download the trial version from the ATPDesigner OneDrive

Read more about the 12 Month License
Read more how to order a full license

ATPDesigner Help File

ATPDesigner Help
Download ATPDesigner Help File (English)
  • The help file can be downloaded as a .ZIP-File which contains the .CHM-File.
  • The help file can be downloaded as a .CHM-File.

ATPDesigner Examples

ATPDesigner Examples
Download ATPDesigner Examples
The .ZIP-file can be downloaded which contains a lot of .NET-Files. These .NET-Files can be used to study the features of ATPDesigner.

ATPDesigner Change Documentation

ATPDesigner Help File

ATPDesigner German Manual

Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions Frequently asked Questions

Snapshots of ATPDesigner

ATPDesigner - New User Interface
ATPDesigner - New User Interface
ATPDesigner - Diagram View
ATPDesigner - Diagram View