Testing Protection Relays

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ATPDesigner also supports the user in testing protection relays. ATPDesigner is able to control the CMC Test System of Omicron directly via the parallel port interface based on the CMEngine interface DLL. Please note, that the required CMEngine interface DLL is not part of the ATPDesigner package. Please contact Omicron for more information e.g. via the web page www.omicron.at. The calculated voltages and currents can be also exported via the COMTRADE interface. Therefore test systems of other manufacturers can be also used to test protection relays, if these test systems supports the COMTRADE file standard.

It can be stated that the use of ATPDesigner and the network simulation system ATP improves also the testing of protection relays,
  • to calculate voltages and currents in electrical power networks depending on different network situations and using several network elements,
  • to test and approve protection devices in case of transient phenomena,
  • to determine settings e.g. the reactive reach X1 for the protection device.

ATPDesigner is also able to simulate the behavior of Protection Relays, which are implemented as generic models in ATPDesigner using MODELS.
Testing Protection Relays using CMC356 and ATPDesigner

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