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Load Flow Calculation

ATPDesigner supports an algorithm to calculate the steady state of an electrical power network. This algorithm so called Short Circuit Analysis or Load Flow Analysis or Load Flow Calculation calculates voltages, currents, power, etc., if renewable power plants e.g. wind power plants or a photovoltaic power plants must be considered. ATPDesigner uses controlled current sources to simulate the behavior of wind power plants or photovoltaic power systems, which are using DC/AC converter to infeed electrical energy in the power network. These current sources will be controlled by ATPDesigner itself.

ATPDesigner determines the phasors of the phase-to-ground voltages at the infeed node of the converter analyzing the .LST-file of the ATP and calculates the amount and the phase shift of the current source to achieve the active and reactive power defined by the user.

Example: Steady State Results in .LST-File of the ATP

Phase Adjusting

ATPDesigner provides the user to adjust the phase shift between the phase currents of a 3-phase-current  IABC and the corresponding phase-to-ground voltages VABCG or phase-to-phase voltages VAB, VBC, VCA measured at the Network Connection Point (NCP) of the 3-phase source. Therefore the Phase Adjusting Algorithm adjusts the displacement factor at the NCP. ATPDesigner starts the Phase Adjusting Algorithm and modifies automatically the phase shift. The Phase Adjusting Algorithm will be stopped, if the specified accuracy dPhi or a maximum number of iteration steps or the apparent power Snom has been achieved. Not only the phase shift as mentioned above will be adjusted but also the active power at the Network Connection Point (NCP).

The ATPDesigner algorithm regulates also the displacement factor as well the active power at the NCP by an iteration algorithm as well known from load flow calulation algorithms.

Load Adjusting

ATPDesigner also provides the classical method for Load Flow Calculation so called Load Adjusting in ATPDesigner. This algorithm also supports the PQ-Nodes as well as the PV-Nodes and the Slack.

Load Flow Calculation

Combining the Load Adjusting and the Phase Adjusting algorithms ATPDesigner also supports an innovative method to calculate the Load Flow in Electrical Power Networks with Renewable Power Plants e.g. wind power plants.

Read more in the chapter of the ATPDesigner Help File
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Example 1: ATPDesigner and Wind Power Plants

Example 2: ATPDesigner and Wind Power Plants

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